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Development Cases

Decentralized Exchange Platform

This is a decentralized exchange platform which raised 55 million USD through its ICO.
Its on-chain liquidity protocol allows decentralized token swaps to be integrated into any application, enabling value exchange to be performed seamlessly between all parties in the ecosystem. We developed the Tracker which analyze and track all the transactions in its network.

Platforms Web
Technologies NodeJS, Smart Contract
Development Style Project Based Contract (5 man.month)
URL No Public
Customer Kyber Network - Singapore

ICO development for Myanmars partner

About the project, it is an effort trying to make a coin that's backed by real gold. The customer has the real gold mine in Myanmar and the mining business is running. Now they want it to be convertible to blockchain digital assets. We are in charge of the blockchain technical aspect in the ICO to support pre-sale, crowd sale. Allowing users to buy tokens using BTC, ETH.

Platforms Web
Technologies ERC20
Development Style Project Based Contract ( 3 man.month)
URL http://mgc.gold/
Customer MGC - Japan

ICO development based in NEO platform

This project applies blockchain to real estate industry.  We are in charge of all the technical stuff in this ICO. 
The ICO token sale development is based in NEO platform.

Platforms Web
Technologies C#, Python, NodeJS, Blockchain
Development Style Project Based Contract (5 man.month)
URL https://realistatoken.com/
Customer Realista