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Full-Fledged Centralized Crypto Currency Exchange

This is a full-fledged centralized crypto-currency exchange which supports both crypto-crypto and crypto-fiat.
Listing: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, Dash, Neo, Qtum and other ERC-20 Tokens.
Fiat: Kazakhstani Tenge

Platforms Web
Technologies Laravel, Vue.js, PHP, NodeJS, Javascript, React Native
Development Style Project Based Contract (50 man.month)
URL No Public

Matching website Employers and Candidates

This is a website for matching between employers and candidates for the Japanese market.

Platforms Web
Technologies MYSQL, PHP, Laravel, Vue.js, Docker
Development Style Dedicated team (6 members)
URL No Public
Customer Matchingood

ICO development for traveling industry

This is an ICO token sale based in NEO platform. The business is about applying blockchain to disrupt travel industry. The ICO went well and successfully raised about 2 million USD. In this project we consulted about technology, implement and support for marketing

Platforms Web
Technologies C#, Python, NodeJS, Blockchain
Development Style Project Based Contract (5 man.month)
URL https://project.travala.com/
Customer Travala