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Live streaming platform for idols

This is a "platform" where influencers such as celebrities, girl idols, singer, gymnastics, ... start live streaming with their fans and earn money through online gifts and subscriptions. It's similar to most of the popular live streaming apps such as Live.me, Bigo. It is the broadcasting model of live streaming where 1 stream can be distributed to thousands of viewers at the same time with near-realtime low latency.

We made this app so it can scale to millions of users world wide, and our system is distributed to several data centers across the globe.

Platforms iOS, Android
Technologies MYSQL, NodeJS, Swift, RxSwift, Socket IO, Wowza
Development Style Project Based Contract (30 man.month)
URL https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sotatek.excluslive&hl=en
Customer ExclusLive

Crypto Currency Exchange

This is a full-fledged centralized crypto-currency exchange which supports both crypto-crypto and crypto-fiat. This one has similar UI/UX design and functions with binance.com (the biggest crypto exchange in the world)
Fiat: Vietnam Dong

Platforms Web
Technologies Laravel, Vue.js, PHP, NodeJS, Javascript, React Native
Development Style ODC( 20 team members)
URL No Public
Customer VCC exchange

Hospital management Windows software

A hospital management Windows software that's operating in more than 150 hospitals across Japan. Actually this a very old system written in Delphi programming language, so they hired SotaTek to migrate to newer technology which is C# .Net framework.

Platforms Window
Technologies C#, Oracle
Development Style ODC (8 team members)
Customer AISOL - Japan