Our works

Development Cases

Medical AI Platform

An AI platform with the ability to collect, labelling, training, testing the medical images from a wide range of hospitals, medical institutions. In the output, it analyzes the images and automatically detects different kinds of disease such as Brain Aneurysm, Spine Fracture and Dental Cyst.

Platforms AI
Technologies NodeJS, Java, C++, Orthanc, DCMTK
Development Style Dedicated Team (4 team members)
URL https://www.deepnoid.com/
Customer Deep Noid - Korea

Back-end CMS website

We designed UI/UX and implemented the website from the scratch.  We made this website including a back-end CMS for them to update news, data, and manage their list of angel investors.

Platforms Web
Technologies Laravel, PHP, Vue.js, MYSQL
Development Style Project Based Contract (3 man.month)
URL https://www.signum.capital/
Customer Signum Capital - Singapore