Sota Tek Founder’s Startup - VCC Exchange Receives $1.5-Million Investment from 100x Venture


As an emerging IT Agent specialized in Blockchain, Sota Tek is not only committed to delivering top-notch IT services but also dedicated to the development of the local Technology Community in Vietnam. In recent years, Sota Tek has been actively investing in various potential Tech Start-ups, facilitating their innovative processes, one of those is “VCC Exchange” - a pioneering fiat-to-cryptocurrency exchange based in Vietnam.

With significant early success, VCC Exchange has quickly caught the attention of global investors. Recently, 100X Ventures - arm of 100X Group, also known as the operator of BitMEX, has announced its investment of $1.5 Million in VCC Exchange. 

VCCE stated that this investment would assist the company to further leverage the growing popularity of digital assets in Vietnam as well as develop its products and capture market shares. VCCE revealed to be currently developing its P2P trading platform and upgrading both website and mobile applications. In the near future, the Exchange also aims to integrate payment cards into the system.

Sota Tek sends our warmest congratulations to VCCE’s new steps and believes in the great values that VCCE is on its way to create for the community. We are excited to see more and more Vietnamese Tech Companies to thrive together and deliver the best services to the customers.