Live streaming

Live Streaming

Live your moment and meet people all over the world.

We build WebRTC live stream broadcasting applications for one-to-many video communication as well as VOD and LIVE distribution services which is the latest technology used on various communication on web and smartphone.

  • Start live streaming whenever and wherever you want to broadcast with one tap.
  • Be part of the moment with live chat. Comment, ask questions, send the thrilling flying comments or send gifts to grab streamers’ attention!
  • Send private messages and offline gift to your favorite star and start chatting today!
  • Follow your favorite people and don’t miss a beat with notifications when they go live.
  • Invite friends on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to share your spontaneous moments with them!
  • Turn on beautification and look fabulous while streaming.
  • Search streams by #hashtags to quickly find the types of videos you’re interested in.
  • Share and follow: Share your live streams on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and more, inviting friends and new followers.
live streaming

Offshore Development

We offer premium offshore software development services to clients from developed countries worldwide since 2015 with power of the talented software engineers in Hanoi, the heart of Vietnam...


We offer blockchain development service that allows customers to leverage cloud-based solutions to build, host and use their own blockchain apps, smart contracts and functions on the blockchain...


We provide services allows individuals and companies to experiment with AI for various purposes without large initial investment and with lower risk. Experimentation can allow the sampling of multiple public cloud platforms to test different machine learning algorithms...